Wednesday, April 28, 2010

To the cyclist whom I was on a collision-course with today:

(I'm about to head out and post a laminated version of this on the Stop Sign)

To the cyclist whom I was on a collision-course with today:


First of all: I’m sorry I called you an *$$hole. Your middle-finger-salute got me riled.

I was peeping my horn to let you know that we drivers have the right of way at this intersection, that cyclists have the stop-sign, and that I’m coming through. The stop sign is here for a reason.

You see, drivers are turning left off of SR-169. Which, being a 2-lane highway, offers very few windows of left-turning opportunity. Things happen quickly here; often with slick roads, limited visibility, and the threat of a deadly head-on collision.


Look, we don’t expect you to stop here all the time. Many drivers understand cyclist conservation of human (and fossil) energy (thank you). But, please, look over your shoulder to see if traffic is coming. If you see someone turning, PLEASE, STOP, or modify your trajectory so drivers can worry about avoiding head-on collisions on the highway as well as avoiding hitting you. We’re squishy little meat-popsickles too you know!

However, I have to re-iterate the bottom line: Cyclists have the stop-sign here. Period.

So, not only are Newton’s laws on our side; the State’s laws are too.

I respect cyclists (I own and occasionally ride a bike as well). I humbly ask that you respect we others who use this dangerous intersection daily.

Thank you,
-That person in a vehicle, whom you were on a collision course with

P.S. To those who already stop: Thank you. I salute you.
P.P.S: PEDESTRIANS, please don’t play in the intersection. It’s a blind corner too!

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Spiff said...


I have a letter of my own to write...I just have to figure out how to laminate Third Avenue in downton Seattle...