Saturday, May 1, 2010


Yay, the mechanical is about 95% put together - at least the basic controls. Next is to add the webserver.

Here is a vid showing the basic functionality and operation of the door:

Complete history of the project (start from the bottom)


slinky said...

Sweet! My sample order of Sugru "Silicone-curing putty" just arrived in the mail today!

And just in time for purpose #2, which is to make a weather-tight plug for the USB connector hole. - hack it better.

We'll see if this is the right stuff for the job. I have a strong feeling it will be, from the hacks I have seen with it so far.

I'm also really excited about this stuff because of another project - filleting some body-work and gluing LED bars to my LED Longboard and doing the same kind of USB Plug cover.

Time to scour the forums for Sugru release-agent advice.

And THANK YOU Sugru!!! for responding to my sample request! As you can tell from the vid, I've been eager to get my hands on some! I think you'll have a real winner on your hands.

RobotGrrl said...

Wow!!! I heard about this project, but never saw it in action. The drill motor seems extremely smooth going up and down! The hatch is going to work great too. Can't wait to see when this is controllable via Twitter! (maybe?) :D

Ette said...

Do you have a template for the various wood pieces you cut to make the door/lock? I'm working on something similar...

Roy Stevens said...

Hello Slinky,

My name is Roy Stevens. I am launching a kickstarter campaign that will sell pre-build electronic building blocks that people can use for their projects. I'm shooting a video for the campaign and I was wondering if I could use a second or two of your chicken coop door in operation?

The shot I would use is the door opening and closing as seen in this link:

Would you mind?

Thank you,