Thursday, April 29, 2010

Coop door gravity-latch complete

Ahh, after a hardware run for some sleeves, nuts, and bolts, followed by some bandsaw work and time on the drill press, I've got a working door slide. Next step is to get the end-stop switches mounted and adjusted.

Here is the coop door about 1-1/4" from full close. Note the latch and puck positions:

Here is the coop door closed and latched:

Here is an overall view of what I have done so far:


Don Bangert said...

I built a version of this for my coop, sans the electric opener. Works reliably, but I had to add two blocks on either side of the disk to keep it centered under the latch arms.

SlowBro said...

Would you consider open source-ing the design? I am thinking of making and selling doors with an open source design so that anyone could build them if they want, or pay me to make it.

I think all you have to do is say this is copyleft and that's it. I'll look up the details if you're interested.