Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Loupe-Lamp

First thing, credit where credit is due: Dhananjay Gadre for the original idea.

I had to do my own - using EagleCAD of course. Here is the process - it's a pretty good rundown on the Toner-Transfer etch-resist method in my last entry.

Steps I'll insert later:

1) EagleCAD layout
2) Printing
3) Copper-clad board prep
4) Laminating the toner to the copper-clad

5) Soaking the paper off - love the way the HP Everyday Photo Paper releases when I print on the back-side of the paper:

6) Peeling the paper - it should lift right off...

After removing the paper, waiting for the etchant:

7) Etch (this picture is post-etching):

8) After removing the toner with Acetone:

Ready for population:

LED's and 56ohm resistors NOTE LED POLARITY!

10) Solder paste applied on pads and 11) components placed on paste. I could've used a wee bit more paste, but it was good enough:

After 12) Reflow:

Yay, it works!

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